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Film, Video, and Theatre Credits
of Lily J. Anderson

Title Job Format Length m:ss
HC PSA everything video 0:59
The Crane writer, director, editor film 0:30
FWCPC PSA co-writer, director of photography (DP), co-editor digital video (DV) 0:59
The Waiting Room writer, director, editor film 2:00
The Remote writer, director, editor DV 3:00
Lullabye *award winner* co-writer, cameraperson, co-editor DV 5:00
Girls' Choir and Soloist Competition director, DP (live single-camera) video 8 hours, no footage available
A Christian Perspective on Halloween director (live mix) video 8:00, no footage available
P.A.R.A.N.O.I.D. Variety Show co-writer, technical director (live mix) video 15:00
The Making of Paris and Juliet writer, director, producer DV, film in pre-production
So Simple? DP DV 2:00
The Sleep of a Righteous Man DP film 0:30
Bump to the Uncanny DP DV 4:30
Release Me producer, grip, cameraperson film 4:20
Mate Check producer, grip film 2:00
The Truth producer, gaffer, grip film 0:30
Untitled Hitchcock Homage camera, boom, grip DV 10:00, in post-production
Right Turn producer film 7:00
Rabbithole script supervisor film in post-production
HNHS Show Choir Invitational cameraperson (live mix) video 8 hours (4:00 clip available)
O Pristene Morn cameraperson video 18:30
Various Studio Variety Shows cameraperson (live mix) video 8:00-15:00, no footage available
Various Wedding Videos cameraperson (live mix) DV 30:00 or more, no footage available
Sideshow fly operator musical 2 hours plus, no footage available
Breaking Dawn research/office assistant film feature film, footage not yet available