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P.A.R.A.N.O.I.D. Variety Show
video, 15:00

The airwaves are taken over by the conspiracy-theorist group People Against Repression And Negligence Of Intranational Disclosure in this live studio show.

Host --------- Matt Holman
AFDB Maker --- Jed Hutchison
Poem Reader -- Alison Young
Grand Pooba -- Dr. Mike Rowley
Wacko -------- Aaron Kent
Band --------- Leanna Carsten, Jason Kiser, Jim Lyons, & Liam Smith

Directors/Writers -- Lily Anderson & Bob Johnston
Producers ---------- Lily Anderson & Bob Johnston and Lance Clark
Camera Ops --------- Kat Nix, Abigail Rodgers
Audio -------------- Andrew Witmer
CG Ops ------------- David Bryan
Avid Ops ----------- Justin Clifton
Foley Artist ------- Brent Kuster
Set Design --------- Lily Anderson & Bob Johnston
Music -------------- "Materia Primoris: The X-Files Theme," Mark Snow
                     "The Truth Is Out There," DC Talk, Supernatural


Media Portfolio Film and Video Credits