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The Waiting Room
Film, 2:00

A man (Mike Larson) arrives at the doctor's office for a routine physical. But as the other patients start arriving, his troubles begin.

Cast in order of appearance:
Secretary --- Sarak Adolfson
Man --------- Mike Larson
Patient #1 -- Josh Betts
Patient #2 -- Neville Kiser
Patient #3 -- Trisha Lunsford
Woman ------- Chris Hwang

Writer/Director/Editor --- Lily Anderson
Director of Photography -- Andrew Gilbert
Producer ----------------- Kaiti Bierdeman
Associate Producer ------- Ashley Gilbert
Still Photographer ------- Erin Stalter
Music -------------------- "Rondo alla Turca," Mozart, Classics for Baby

Director Lily Anderson talks with Larson about his role

Anderson directs Larson and Patient #1(Betts)

View Anderson's
notes and sketches,
from first draft
to shooting schedule

Media Portfolio Film and Video Credits